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December 28, 2023 - January 1, 2024    
12:00 am - 6:00 am

Over the past two-and-a-half months, MERCAZ USA has become an important source for updates on how Israel is defending itself against Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran; and how our Masorti communities in the United States and across the world can take action to support Israel and combat antisemitism.

As Israel’s war against her enemies rages on, we also continue to realize and fulfill our organizational vision: MERCAZ USA is the force that advocates for funding of pluralistic streams of Judaism in Israel through the World Zionist Congress, which is crucial to our movement’s growth in Israel and around the globe.

Our mission is to further the cause for true religious pluralism in Israel and strengthen the connection between, and create engagement opportunities for, the people of Israel and Jews living in the Diaspora. As part of our commitment to this obligation, MERCAZ USA is proud to be the sponsor of Masorti on Campus, supporting Masorti activities on college and university campuses.

In this time when students feel particularly vulnerable on campus, and all of us are feeling the pangs of hatred toward Israel and the Jewish people, your support of our activities is more crucial than ever.

As 2023 comes to a close, we pray for a just resolution to the conflict, the return of all the hostages being held in Gaza, and for the safety of those serving in the IDF and all of our sisters and brothers in Israel.

We also ask that you continue to support the vital work of MERCAZ USA by making an end-of-year contribution. Whether you can donate $10, $18, $180, $1800 or more … every dollar we receive is deeply appreciated and will be used to continue our work in support of Israel, which includes our weekly emails to you and frequent website updates featuring valuable content from The Focus Project and words of Torah from Masorti rabbis in Israel.

If you can commit to making regular monthly contributions to MERCAZ USA, that option is now available to you on the donation page on our website. For those choosing to support MERCAZ USA on an ongoing basis, we honor you for your ongoing dedication to our shared cause.

We thank you for your support as we work toward a pluralistic, peaceful, and strong Israel – and wish all of you a peaceful 2024.