Torah for this Hour | March 14, 2024

And Moses was unable to enter the Tent of Meeting, because the cloud rested upon it and the Presence of the Eternal filled the Tabernacle. (Exod 40:39)

In fog there is unity: all of us experience the same feeling of uprootedness. The same helplessness. The need to take action of some sort.

For over 150 days now we are in that fog, trying to send energies of hope to those who were abducted. Praying for as few as possible to be hurt.

And the best of our sons and daughters enter that fog. Entering the fog is entering into an encounter. All the military operations and all the prayers, and still we are unsuccessful in reaching them.

Sometimes I have to stop and take a good look at that fog, because beyond it there is a heavy cloud, and our loved ones are in that cloud.

I pray for those in places we cannot reach, that the Presence of the Eternal be revealed to them. And comfort and love. And that they hear through the cloud our shouts calling for their release.