Torah for this Hour | March 7, 2024

In recent months, three buildings have been dedicated and opened their doors in Jerusalem, buildings that are meaningful far beyond the structures themselves: the new National Library of Israel building, the campus of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in the center of the city, and the covered tennis courts in the Malha neighborhood.

Those three buildings tell an important story about us — a story about wisdom and inquisitiveness, about creativity and variegated thinking, and about a culture of the body that is no less important a part of daily life.

Sometimes it seems as though superficiality is prevailing over depth, ignorance over breadth of knowledge, one-dimensional thinking over complex thought and creativity, and passivity over activity.

Those three structures tell us that there is a place for curiosity and insight, a place for multi-dimensional thinking, a place for developing healthy bodies as part of a complementary combination of the spiritual and the physical.

Israeli society needs those buildings as a compass pointing us toward a hopeful future.