Hostage Negotiations with Hamas Intensify as Calls for Ceasefire Increase


U.S. and international pressure on Israel for a ceasefire intensifies as Israelis soon mark six months since the 10/7 attacks – and six months of relentless suffering for the families of hostages held in captivity.

The United Nations Security Council recently adopted a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire between Hamas and Israel for the duration of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. To meet American demands, the resolution also calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages held in captivity by Hamas – but not as a precondition for the ceasefire as demanded by Israel and its allies.

‘One million 10/7 attacks’

Hamas praised the UNSC and demanded the permanent withdrawal of “Zionist” forces from Gaza as a condition for any further negotiations. The Hamas charter clearly states its ultimate goal: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it. Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious.” Israel criticized the resolution for not condemning Hamas human rights abuses – including rape.

Israel views the continuing existence of the Iran-backed Hamas terror group as an existential threat to the Jewish state and regional peace. The Israeli government’s goals are to return the hostages and to destroy Hamas. A permanent ceasefire without the destruction of Hamas would only allow the terrorists to rearm and rebuild. A Hamas official previously stated that all violence waged by the terror group is justified, and that Hamas will repeat the 10/7 attacks until Israel is annihilated.

‘Hamas is destroying Shifa Hospital’

As the UN resolution was under debate, Hamas terrorists fired rockets at Israeli cities for the first time in several weeks. The rocket barrage from central Gaza was launched from a humanitarian shelter where civilians are staying. Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon fired rockets into northern Israel. The rockets were intentionally launched while Israelis were celebrating the Purim holiday, forcing them to hide in shelters.

Hamas launched a rocket barrage at Israel from a humanitarian area in central Gaza on March 25. (IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Gaza’s Shifa Hospital once again is being used as a base for Hamas terrorists to “conduct and promote terrorist activity.” The Israeli Defense Forces arrested 500 terrorists and killed more than 170 gunmen at the northern Gaza hospital in recent days. Hamas terrorists “fired weapons from inside the hospital’s emergency room and maternity ward, and threw explosive devices from the burn ward.” Military equipment was found “hidden among medical supplies, patients and visitors who were in the hospital.”

A Hamas leader admitted that Israel arrested key Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas commanders at the hospital. He stated that these arrests “should not be underestimated.” The Israeli military is allowed to enter the hospital because the Hamas use of the medical facility for military activities means that under international law, the hospital is no longer considered a protected site. The U.S. State Dept. also announced that Israel is not violating international humanitarian laws in the use of weapons or blocking aid.

Six Brutal Months of Captivity

April 7 marks six months since the barbaric assault by Hamas terrorists against Israeli communities. This date also means that the Israeli hostages have spent six months at the mercy of their Hamas captors. Six Americans remain in captivity among the 134 hostages.

Terrifying acts committed by Hamas – rape of Israeli girls and women – are continuing against the 19 Israeli female hostages who remain in captivity. A bipartisan group of U.S. senators recently introduced a resolution insisting the UNSC investigate the sexual violence and torture committed by Hamas on 10/7.

Recently, 28-year-old Michal Lobanov gave birth to a son while her husband Alexander is still held captive by Hamas. Michal: “The hardest moment for me was the covenant naming ceremony. Alex was missing holding the baby, cradling him. It broke us. His absence is very noticeable. There are moments when I break down, but I need to be strong for my sons.” They have a two-year-old son who is constantly asking, “Dad? Dad? Dad?”

“Come back dad” is written on the pregnant belly of Michal Lobanov, 28. Her 32-year-old husband, Alexander, is still held in captivity by Hamas. They have a two-year-old son, Tom. (Screenshot on X from Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Convicted Killers with Blood on Their Hands

Prior to the UN vote, the Israeli government agreed to release 700 to 800 Palestinian terrorists – including convicted murderers – in exchange for 40 Israeli hostages. This is a small fraction of the 134 hostages still in captivity. Hamas rejected the offer. The terror group demands the release of more terrorists and that it retain control of Gaza.

Hamas continues to insist on the release of the most notorious convicted terrorists. Israel is strongly against releasing terrorists with ‘blood on their hands,’ but has made deals like this in the past to bring hostages home to their families.

It is unknown which cold-blooded murderers would be released this time. The Hamas wish list includes:

  • Hamas terrorists who carried out the 10/7 massacre;
  • Abdullah Barghouti, 67 life sentences for masterminding: 2002 Hebrew Univ. bombing that killed nine, including five Americans; 2003 Sbarro pizzeria suicide bombing that killed 16 and wounded 130; 2002 Café Moment suicide bombing that killed 11 and wounded 54;
  • Abbas Al-Sayed, 35 life sentences for 2002 Park Hotel suicide bombing during Passover killing 30 and injuring 140.
  • Some terrorists continue to plot future attacks while in prison and many return to terrorist acts upon their release.

Hamas is demanding the release of the terrorists who carried out the 10/7 atrocities and the masterminds of the most horrific suicide bombings against Israelis – including the Passover Massacre – in exchange for the Israeli hostages.


1.  A ceasefire without Hamas surrendering will lead to more 10/7 attacks

The absence of total Hamas capitulation will embolden the terrorist group to perpetrate more heinous acts – rocket attacks on Israeli cities, shootings and mass rapes. Its leaders openly admit that they want to carry out more of these atrocities. Hamas is a terror organization backed by Iran that does not adhere to international law. The countries pushing the UN for action do not seem to care that Hamas does not abide by any agreements. The survival of the terror organizations will prolong the suffering of both Palestinian and Israeli civilians. There is only one solution: disarm terrorists and hold them accountable for their actions.

2. Hamas intentionally uses hospitals, schools and homes as launchpads to attack Israelis

It is widely documented that Hamas terrorists intentionally integrate their military capabilities – including rocket launchers and weapons storage facilities – within civilian areas. Hamas exploits the presence of civilians to use as shields. This deliberate tactic not only violates international humanitarian law, but also endangers the lives of Palestinian and Israeli civilians. Hamas demonstrates a blatant disregard for the safety of its own citizens. The UN and many aid groups have turned a blind eye to the Hamas abuse of civilians and its open exploitation of civilian schools, homes and hospitals.

3. Hamas terrorism, UNRWA and Palestinian incitement prevent peace

Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups are determined to destroy Israel and kill as many Jews as possible. The United Nations agency solely dedicated to the Palestinians, UNRWA, actually perpetuates dependency and prevents them from developing a civil society. Palestinian incitement – taught at UNRWA schools and broadcast on Palestinian government TV – promotes hatred and violence instead of fostering dialogue and reconciliation. A senior Hamas leader was a teacher at an UNRWA school. These alarming problems prolong the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and must be addressed to create an environment for negotiations and sustainable efforts for a Palestinian-Israeli peace accord.

4. Israeli hostages must be released unconditionally

The release of Israeli hostages is urgent. Every moment in captivity inflicts suffering and hardship on the hostages and their families. The international community must stand in solidarity with Israel, unequivocally condemning any act of hostage-taking and demanding the immediate and unconditional release of all Israeli hostages.


You might hearIsraeli soldiers raped Palestinian women at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital.

REALITY: Hamas and Al Jazeera actually admitted that their reports were false. The Palestinian terrorist group and the Qatari government’s mouthpiece falsely accused Israeli soldiers of raping Palestinians at the northern Gaza hospital. It continues to serve as a hub for Palestinian terror activity. An Al Jazeera columnist admitted that the rape story was “fabricated by a woman who justified her story by saying that her goal was to raise awareness for the Palestinians.” Hamas and Al Jazeera also deny the rapes perpetrated by Hamas on 10/7 despite Hamas video footage, evidence from Israeli doctors and interviews with survivors.

You might hearIsrael hinders humanitarian aid from reaching Palestinians.

REALITYIsrael facilitates the daily entry of tons of food and supplies into Gaza. The IDF’s Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories jointly works with America, Egypt and the United Nations. Israel insists on inspections of all aid shipments because Hamas terrorist have a history of weapons smuggling. Unfortunately, Hamas continues to divert food and emergency supplies to their terrorist fighters but force Gaza civilians to pay. There also are reports that Hamas is coordinating with the UN Palestinian agency, UNRWA, to seize control of humanitarian aid entering Gaza. Hamas and UNRWA representatives met at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital to coordinate their efforts on March 16.


A.   Participate in events supporting Israel to counter pro-Hamas rallies

It is vital to show support for Israel. Contact local Jewish organizations and other community and interfaith groups to learn about opportunities. There are opportunities to participate in upcoming events which will commemorate six months since the start of the war. Run for Their Lives is a global movement of local communities building awareness of the plight of the hostages through weekly runs and walks. This is an excellent opportunity to support your Jewish friends, classmates and neighbors.

B.  Help educate others about key terms and concepts in this war

Every conversation is an opportunity to educate and inform. The more individuals know and understand, the less inclined they will be to follow false and biased narratives. Take active steps to educate your friends and family about the Hamas war against Israel, including using these talking points. Share relevant news articles, videos and Middle East history to help provide a comprehensive understanding of the war’s complexities. Engage in open and respectful discussions, emphasizing the nuances of the situation and encouraging critical thinking.


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