UN’s Alarming Complicity: Hamas Exploits UN Premises for Terrorism …

… Anti-Jewish Attacks Masked as Anti-Zionism Spread Worldwide



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Relieved Israelis applauded the safe return of two Israeli civilians in a heroic commando rescue operation. This success comes at a time of great difficulty for Jews and Israelis around the world who are under attack by Hamas supporters for simply being Jewish. The hostage rescue comes days after long-standing accusations of UN complicity with Hamas were validated as true. Much of the world is on edge as the Israeli Defense Forces seek to rescue the remaining hostages while rooting out the rest of the Hamas terrorists who endanger their own Palestinian citizens.

Successful Hostage Rescue

Israeli commandos successfully rescued two Israeli civilians in a daring nighttime operation after 129 days in captivity. The mission demonstrated Israel’s commitment to bringing home its hostages, even in highly risky scenarios. Hailed as “among the most successful rescue operations” in Israel’s history, Fernando Marman, 61, and Louis Har, 70, both Argentinian Israelis, were being held under armed guard in an apartment in Rafah. A few days prior, the Israeli Defense Forces found a large tunnel where a dozen hostages had been held; soldiers found supplies from the UN. Hamas terrorists still hold 134 hostages.

Louis Har (in black) and Fernando Marman reuniting with their loved ones, at Sheba Medical Center, February 12, 2024 (IDF Spokesperson)

Hamas Data Center Located Beneath UN Headquarters in Gaza

The complicity of the United Nations with Hamas, both historically and in the 10/7 terrorist attack, continues to be uncovered. Israeli troops discovered a top secret Hamas intelligence center located directly under the Gaza headquarters of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). A tunnel that snakes under the headquarters and ends under an UNRWA school across the street contained racks of computer servers, an electrical room and industrial battery power banks. There was an air filtration system, a kitchen, offices, two bathrooms and living quarters.

Electrical cables literally connect from UNRWA’s communication room through the floor and into the Hamas server room in the tunnel directly below it. The UN headquarters also contained grenades, rockets, launchers, explosives and weapons. Hamas used UNRWA offices

Photo showing Hamas computer servers in a terror tunnel under a United Nations building in Gaza. (X screenshot)

The head of UNRWA absurdly tweeted: “UNRWA did not know what is under its headquarters in Gaza. UNRWA inspects inside its premises. UNRWA does not have the expertise to undertake inspections of what is under its premises.” The UN has a long history of employing terrorist sympathizers as teachers and indoctrinating Palestinian children at their schools.

IDF Col. Benny Aharon: “There is no doubt that UNRWA staff knew that Hamas was digging a massive tunnel beneath them. There’s a perimeter wall, a gate, cameras; at the gate they log who comes in and out. UNRWA provides cover for Hamas, UNRWA knows exactly what is happening underground, and UNRWA uses its budget to fund some of Hamas’s military capabilities, this is for certain.”

Hatred of Israel Openly Turns Into Attacks Against Jews

Hamas supporters routinely allege that they are simply condemning Israeli government policies and not attacking Jews. There are too many examples that show these allegations are false. Jewish organizations recognize that criticism of Israeli policies that is similar to critiques of other countries is not antisemitic. Israelis routinely criticize their government – rallies against the current Israeli prime minister have been going on for more than a year.

Illegitimate ‘criticisms’ of Israel that cross the line into anti-Jewish hatred include: holding Jews collectively responsible for Israeli actions, applying double standards, denying Jews their right to self-determination, outrageously comparing Israeli policies to those of the Nazis, and using blood libels to condemn Israelis.

Jewish schools, restaurants, hospitals and synagogues are being attacked around the world under the banners of “Free Palestine” and “From the river to the sea,” a code phrase for the complete destruction of Israel. A mob screaming “long live the intifada” descended upon the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for seemingly no reason other than that it was founded by Jewish doctors to provide them with a place to train and work because of anti-Jewish hatred.

Hamas supporters banged on drums and called for the intifada – violence against Jews – to continue. (X)

Jews worldwide also are being openly threatened. American social media influencer Ariel Martin posted a TikTok video of herself with a Star of David necklace and was told she “deserves to die” and “it’s not the right time to post about being Jewish,” as a way to shame and silence her. Stranger Things actor Brett Gelman stated that he fears for his safety after multiple bookstores cancelled his book signing events because of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel intimidation.

Another alarming recent example is in Australia. Pro-Hamas activists created a list called the Zio600; Zio is a white supremacist term for Jews. There are 600 Jewish academics and artists being targeted simply for being Jews. One woman claimed she should not be targeted because she is an anti-Zionist, but she was still included on the list. A Jewish couple received a photo of their five-year-old son with the message, “I know where you live.” They are now in hiding.

A local Jewish community group responded: “There is no room for lynch mobs in modern Australia.” A local Jewish resident stated: “Every Jewish-owned business here is being attacked, online or in person, stickers of the Star of David, intimidation of staff, boycotting.” Similar actions are happening in America, Canada, the UK and around the world.

UN Watch’s Executive Director Hillel Neuer provides an example of the double standard applied to Israel. Mass rallies against Israel are routinely held while other international conflicts do not illicit a response. (X screenshot)

There are many examples of double standards that are routinely applied to Israel. The Jewish state is recognized as doing more than any other military to minimize civilian casualties, yet Israeli leaders are routinely instructed to avoid civilian casualties by the leaders of countries that do not go to the same lengths that Israel does. Massive rallies call for an Israeli ceasefire while ignoring Hamas, as well as overlooking all other conflicts, particularly those where Muslims are victims of atrocities in Myanmar and China.


1.   Israeli forces in Gaza have two goals: destroy Hamas and rescue all the hostages

Hamas and Iran have publicly and proudly declared their intent to destroy the Jewish state. Israelis must keep fighting for their survival because if they lay down their weapons Israel will be wiped off the map. The Israeli Defense Forces maintain two priorities in Gaza: dismantle the Hamas terrorist infrastructure and save the remaining 134 hostages. This operation is conducted to protect Israeli citizens from ongoing threats posed by Hamas, which has a long history of launching rocket attacks, building terror tunnels and promoting violence against Jews. The ultimate goal is to achieve lasting peace and security, free from the grip of Iranian-backed terrorist organizations like Hamas – creating a safer environment for both Palestinians and Israelis.

2.    Hamas can end the conflict at any time

Hamas initiated the war against Israel on Oct. 7. The terrorist group still holds some control over Gaza and possesses the capability to end the war at any given moment. Instead, Hamas is still firing rockets into Israel. As the governing authority, Hamas wields the power to lay down arms before it causes the deaths of any more Palestinians and Israelis. Ending the conflict would alleviate the suffering of countless individuals in Gaza and Israel, allowing both communities to rebuild and pursue a future of stability and prosperity.

3.    The United Nations is complicit with Hamas

The evidence of the complexity and sophistication of the UN-Hamas alliance in Gaza continues to multiply. It was well-documented before the 10/7 attacks that textbooks in UN-run schools incite Palestinian children to hate Jews and attack Israelis. Many UN teachers supported the Oct. 7 atrocities. Hamas built tunnels directly under UN facilities while its leaders continue to deny provable accusations against the world body. Evidence of UN infrastructure being used by Hamas for terrorist operations and UN staff turning a blind eye proves a troubling lack of accountability within the organization. The UN failures prove that it does not abide by its principles of neutrality, impartiality and respect for international law.

4.    Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism

Zionism – the right of Jews to a country in their ancestral home – is a significant part of Jewish identity. Jews longed to return to the land of their ancestors and re-establish their national independence. While criticism of specific Israeli policies is valid and should be subject to debate, anti-Zionism often exceeds legitimate discourse, morphing into discrimination against Jews. Denying the Jewish people’s right to self-determination in Israel, is inherently discriminatory and undermines the principles of equality and justice. Singling out Israel for criticism or applying double standards to its actions can mask underlying antisemitic attitudes.

5.    Zionist is often used as a code word for Jew

‘Zionist’ is frequently used as a thinly veiled substitute for ‘Jew’ in discussions of Israel and its policies. This linguistic sleight of hand allows individuals to mask anti-Jewish sentiments behind supposedly legitimate criticism of Israel and Zionism. Anti-Jewish bigots don’t want to be called out for targeting Jews but believe they can get away with criticizing Israel and Zionists. This is why they intentionally hold signs stating, “Zionists off our campus,” because they know they will be immediately condemned if their signs demand, “Jews off our campus.”


Learn how to respond to criticisms targeting Israel

Supporters of Israel are on the front lines of a massive PR war. Read about the key terms in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and familiarize yourself with the history, current events and culture of Israelis, the Palestinians and the Middle East. Each newsletter’s background section and talking points provide an educational opportunity. It also is important to read a variety of viewpoints from American and Israeli news sites. Here are additional helpful resources:

Dispelling Falsehoods, Stating Facts

Here are a few additional facts and reminders to help you respond to criticisms of Israel:

You might hear: Israel is to blame for this war.


  • Blame Hamas for the war
  • Blame Hamas for the 10/7 attacks
  • Blame Hamas for ending ceasefires
  • Blame Hamas for every Palestinian death
  • Blame Hamas for the destruction of Gaza
  • Blame Hamas for Palestinian suffering
  • Blame Hamas for squandering billions of dollars of humanitarian aid

You might hear: The Palestinians do not have any bomb shelters.

Reality: The extensive network of tunnels built by Hamas terrorists could be used to shelter Palestinian civilians. The tons and tons of concrete that Hamas used to construct hundreds of miles of terror tunnels could have been used to build public bomb shelters. Or, it could have been used to develop infrastructure to make Gaza into a prosperous coastal country. Instead, Hamas terrorists prefer to destroy Gaza in their unrelenting quest to annihilate the Jewish state and slaughter Jews.

The “Come Visit Gaza” video portrays how Gaza could have looked today if Hamas had invested in Palestinian infrastructure for the benefit of its citizens rather than in its attempt to destroy Israel. (YouTube screenshot: The National Public Diplomacy Directorate at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office)

You might hear: Gaza is an open-air prison or a concentration camp.

Reality: It is a popular lie spread by Israel’s enemies that Palestinians live under a blockade in Gaza with no freedom of movement. Before the 10/7 attacks, Israel allowed Gaza Palestinians to work in Israel and provided medical treatment at Israeli hospitals. UN statistics – hardly a pro-Israel source – reveal that Gazans entered into Israel 424,000 times in 2022 – the equivalent of 20% of its population. Hamas controls its border crossing with Egypt. Thousands of Gazans travel to Turkey – the No. 1 tourist destination.

You might hear: The Palestinian news media and journalists are reliable sources.

Reality: Palestinian society does not have a free press, unlike Israel and America. Hamas terrorists intimidate journalists reporting from Gaza, controlling what the world sees on TV and online. Many Palestinians also work as reporters or sources for international news organizations. These Palestinians often have biases, including social media accounts celebrating terrorism against Israelis. Recently, a Qatar-backed Al Jazeera journalist was found to also be a Hamas anti-tank commander.

Qatar-backed Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Washah also is a Hamas terrorist.

You might hear: Israel is a white settler colonialist enterprise.

Reality: Many terms with negative historical connotations are used to delegitimize the Jewish state – apartheid, genocide and colonialism. The Land of Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people; Jews are named after Judea. Jews have had a constant presence and connection to the land for thousands of years. The founding of the modern state of Israel can be viewed as de-colonization. Israelis also are routinely portrayed as being ‘white.’ A new satirical campaign on Instagram debunks the claim of Israelis as ‘white colonizers.’

A new Instagram account celebrates diverse Israeli Jewish heritage by poking fun at claims that Israelis are ‘white colonizers.’ (Courtesy: Ben Younger)


My Fellow Palestinians: It’s Time to Get Rid of Our Leaders and Accept Israel’s Offers for Peace

Written by Bassem Eid, a Palestinian human rights activist

I believe this truth must be told: it is Israel that consistently offered compromise, dialogue and a two-state solution. It is Palestinian demagogues who have rejected these offers – in favor of the desire to completely destroy the Jewish community.

It is the Palestinian Arab nationalist movement that has betrayed the Palestinian people and consistently opposed peace. Unfortunately, the views of the antisemitic Palestinian political heads often overshadow the voices of real Palestinians who yearn for peace. Their voices only rarely are heard, as in a recent protest in Gaza in which women and children protested against Hamas.

The history of the conflict regarding a two-state solution reveals a harsh reality: Israel has consistently made genuine efforts toward peace, only to be met with rejection and blood-curdling violence. This pattern of refusal has been the real obstacle to peace.

It’s time to acknowledge this truth bluntly. Those who claim to desire peace must confront and challenge the rejectionist elements within Palestinian society, including Hamas.

Click here for the full text.


Stories Impacting American Jews

Stories Impacting the U.S. and Israel

Photos in the News

Israel Overcomes Irish Hostility in Basketball Game in Potential Summer Olympics Preview

The Israeli national women’s basketball team crushed Ireland, 87-57, in a European Championships qualification game. Pro-Hamas groups initially convinced the Irish players to refuse to compete against the Israelis. The world basketball governing organization, FIBA, threatened to fine Ireland if it forfeited its game. Israel ‘hosted’ the game in Latvia.

It is customary before games for both teams to stand in the center of the court for the national anthems, shake hands and exchange gifts. Ireland refused. Ireland has a history of anti-Israel animosity, especially blurring politics with sports. Unsportsmanlike actions against Israeli athletes have traditionally been from Islamic countries, including Iran and Indonesia.

The Summer Olympics in Paris begin on July 26. Nearly 50 athletes have already qualified for Team Israel, including the soccer team. It is unknown how much hostility Israeli athletes, coaches and officials will face.



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