UN Agency Fuels Hamas Terrorism


The United Nations has a decades-long track record of bashing Israel and using the Jewish state as the scapegoat for the world’s problems. Recent headlines:

  • UN Palestinian employees were among the terrorists during the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks
  • The U.S., Japan and Italy and 13 other countries suspended financial aid to UNRWA
  • A UN court is investigating Israel for genocide rather than the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists

The UN’s Palestinian Agency That Funds and Fuels Terrorism

No single UN organization does more to undermine peace than the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). The most recent charges against UNRWA employees include participation in the 10/7 assault against Israel – involvement in a kibbutz massacre, transporting ammunition, kidnapping Israelis and imprisoning hostages. About 10% of UNRWA workers in Gaza have ties to terrorist groups. U.S. Sec. of State Antony Blinken confirmed the “highly credible” evidence of UNRWA staff involvement.

UN Watch recently revealed how UNRWA teachers in a 3,000-member staff chat group cheered – “Oh, how much I hate the Jews” – and celebrated the Hamas 10/7 massacre while at the same time demanding payment of their salaries. The human rights organization UN Watch has been at the forefront of exposing UN malfeasance. It previously criticized UNRWA for failing to fire its antisemitic employees guilty of incitement in social media posts.

The United Nations is one of several international organizations that often claim to see nothing and hear nothing when Israel is targeted and fail to condemn attacks against the Jewish state.

The U.S. and more than a dozen other countries responded to proof Israel provided of UNRWA involvement by halting funds to the organization. America was the largest donor to UNRWA in 2022: $344 million, nearly double Germany’s $202 million contribution. After denying any wrongdoing by its employees, UNRWA’s leader fired staff members and announced an immediate investigation. UNRWA employs 9,443 personnel for 294,086 students at 284 schools in Gaza alone. UNRWA is the only UN agency dedicated to one group of people and it is the largest UN agency.

Using funding from the U.S. and many European nations, the UN agency has a record of employing teachers who incite violence against Jews and using PA textbooks that glorify terrorism. The UN often ignores the involvement of its staff in these activities. UN leaders claimed that they didn’t know there were any Hamas terror tunnels near its facilities or, in the past, weapons stored by Hamas at UN schools. On Oct. 20, UNRWA wrote to The Wall Street Journal complaining that it was falsely portrayed in an editorial as employing Hamas terrorists.

A recent NGO Monitor report documents the enablers of Hamas – including the UN – for “diverting aid money to Hamas to fund its terrorist activities, providing propaganda and disinformation support to Hamas in its efforts to tarnish and discredit Israel, and indoctrinating Gazan schoolchildren to hate Jews.” Another report from November documented the encouragement of terrorism in textbooks used by UNRWA schools.

Prominent Israeli political activist and educator Dr. Einat Wilf: “UNRWA has two deep roles: ensure there is a permanent question mark on Israel’s very existence, creating generations of Palestinians who believe that one day Israel will not exist; and remove any need for Hamas to be responsible for the people of Gaza, allowing it to focus on building tunnels and butchering Israelis. This is what UNRWA does.”

Another Blood Libel Targets Jews

The UN International Court of Justice recently ruled on the latest blood libel against Jews: malicious allegations of genocide in Gaza. South Africa initiated the case before the World Court. The ICJ’s interim ruling called on Israel to prevent genocide in Gaza and rejected calls for an immediate, unilateral ceasefire.

An order to stop Israel’s war against Hamas would have indicated that the judges believed the false claims against Israel. The full case will take years to litigate. Israel stands on trial even though Hamas terrorists are devoted to committing genocide – against all Jews. The Times of Israel founder described how “Hamas came for everyone it could kill on Oct. 7. Today, the ICJ encouraged it.”

Only two judges – Ugandan Julia Sebutinde and Israeli Aharon Barak – offered a dissenting opinion. Barak is a Holocaust survivor with first-hand experience of an actual genocide – he was smuggled out of a Nazi ghetto in Lithuania in a sack.

The Ugandan judge views the dispute as political, not legal: “Unfortunately, the scale of suffering and death experienced in Gaza is exacerbated not by genocidal intent, but rather by several factors, including the tactics of the Hamas organization itself, which often entails its forces embedding amongst the civilian population and installations, rendering them vulnerable to legitimate military attack.”

Hamas praised the “important” ruling for helping to “contribute to isolating Israel.” The Iran-backed terrorists ‘celebrated’ by launching more rockets at Israel.

bipartisan group of 210 U.S. House politicians “expressed our disgust at this filing, which perpetrates false and dangerous allegations against the Jewish state. It exposes how far Israel’s enemies will go to demonize the Jewish state. These are grossly unfounded and defamatory charges.”

Ugandan Judge Julia Sebutinde supported Israel’s case at the International Court of Justice in The Netherlands. (ICJ)

Historical Anti-Israel Prejudice

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution in 1975 equating the national liberation movement of the Jewish people – Zionism – with racism; its roots were in anti-Israel Soviet propaganda. This raised concerns about the UN’s approach to Israel and its ability to maintain an impartial stance on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The resolution was not revoked until 1991, but the damage remains. Israel also is the only country that is a permanent agenda item at UN Human Rights Council meetings. In a typical year, the UNGA passes more resolutions against Israel than all other countries combined – ignoring serial human rights abusers Iran, China, Russia – and Hamas.


1. The UN has a perverse obsession with Israel

The Jewish state is consistently singled out in various UN forums, especially in resolutions passed by the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council. The disproportionate focus on Israel, often at the expense of addressing severe human rights violations, reveals a deep-seated bias. The repeated emphasis on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, with Israel as its only target, confirms its bias. Now, Israel is accusing the UN’s World Health Org. of “colluding” with Hamas by ignoring “terrorist use” of Gaza hospitals and another UN agency is requesting $1.2 billion in funds for NGOs that previously diverted aid and worked with Hamas.

2. UNWRA is a failing agency that perpetuates conflicts

The Palestinian UN group has been justly criticized for mismanagement, corruption and the perpetuation of the refugee crisis instead of actively working towards a resolution. The international community must critically assess and reform UNRWA to ensure transparency, efficiency and accountability. UNRWA makes violence against Israelis more likely and creates dependency that hinders long-term stability for the Palestinians. The agency should focus on sustainable development initiatives that empower Palestinian self-reliance economically and politically.

3. Successful American model Bella Hadid is not a ‘refugee’

UNRWA has a unique definition of refugees for Palestinians that actually deepens and prolongs the conflict: refugee status is granted to the descendants of the original refugees – forever. This means that the American-born Hadid, 27 – named by Time magazine in 2023 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world – is considered a refugee. All other refugees are overseen by a different UN group. There is no UN-specific agency for the Sudanese, despite an actual genocide and ethnic cleansing that began in 2003, which has killed as many as 400,000 and affected more than 3 million.

4. Hamas abuses donor contributions to the UN in Gaza

Iran-backed Hamas regularly diverts international aid intended for humanitarian purposes to construct tunnels, manufacture rockets to attack innocent Israelis and exploit Palestinians. This blatant abuse not only compromises the integrity of the aid system but also fuels violence and regional instability. Donors expect their funding to alleviate suffering. Instead, their goodwill is  exploited for destructive ends. The international community must confront this issue and ensure that aid reaches those in need rather than funding Hamas tunnels, building rockets and bombs, and terrorists’ salaries.

5. UN leaders and employees must be neutral, not pro-Hamas partisans

It is crucial for UN leaders and employees to uphold neutrality rather than aligning with Iran-backed terrorists. Neutrality is fundamental to the credibility and effectiveness of the UN in addressing global challenges. When UN officials show bias, it compromises the organization’s ability to act as a neutral mediator and humanitarian provider. To maintain trust and fulfill its mission, the UN must ensure that its personnel adhere strictly to the principles of impartiality, refraining from endorsing or supporting any particular political or terrorist group. This commitment is essential for fostering peace, cooperation and the successful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

6. Accusing Israelis of genocide is a blatant lie

The preventative actions taken by Israel prove the absurdity of this allegation. “Israel has implemented more measure to prevent civilian casualties in urban warfare than any other military in the history of war. This includes the U.S.” stated the Chairman of Urban Warfare Studies, U.S. Military Academy at West Point. In Gaza, the Israeli Defense Forces dropped 7 million flyers, sent 14 million texts and made 15 million phone calls to help Palestinian civilians avoid harm. It is Hamas that instructs Muslims to “fight Jews and kill them.”


Please consider contacting your U.S. Representative and Senators, as well as the White House, to make your voice heard on UNRWA funding. Congressional representatives respond best to personally written emails.

Demand the U.S. stop funding UNRWA

‘Never Forget’ is meaningless if we do not prevent future attacks. Demand tighter American oversight of UNRWA’s activities, especially as it relates to education and textbooks. America topped the UNRWA donor list again in 2022. Urge support for the UNRWA Accountability and Transparency Act introduced in the Senate in February 2023. The bill would withhold U.S. contributions to UNRWA until the schools and other infrastructure it operates are no longer staffed by anti-American and anti-Jewish extremists who promote attacks against America and Israel.

Dispelling Falsehoods, Stating Facts

Here are a few additional facts and reminders to help you respond to criticisms of Israel:

You might hear: Palestinians in Gaza will starve without UNRWA.

Reality: Palestinians receiving humanitarian aid is not dependent on one organization. The UN org. solely focused on the Palestinians is not the only UN group in Gaza.

You might hear: Israel is committing war crimes against Gazans.

Reality: Hamas is committing war crimes against Gazans. When Hamas continues to launch its rockets from civilian areas directly at Israeli civilians, it is a double war crime against Israelis and Palestinians. Many times, rockets fall short in Gaza, killing Palestinian civilians.


Israeli Voices

Nasreen Yousef Fooled Hamas and Saved Her Town on 10/7

The Israeli Druze mother’s quick thinking saved many lives. The Druze are an Arabic-speaking religious minority who deeply identify with Israel. The Druze have been serving in the IDF since Israel’s independence, with many reaching senior positions and giving their lives in defense of the Jewish state. Nasreen’s husband is a 22-year IDF veteran. Nasreen relayed intelligence from a Hamas terrorist to the IDF, helping the army prevent further attacks. Selected quotes from a recent interview:

I don’t know where I got the courage from, why I didn’t panic. As my husband got dressed that morning, he said it would be an honor to die in uniform, not in a protected room. I knew that if Hamas terrorists came, they’d kill us. I had to protect my home.

I was in flipflops, running backward and forward with bits of string and cable ties to tie up the Hamas terrorists we captured, with towels and floor rags for hoods.

I told one terrorist: ‘Look me in the eyes, I’m not frightened of you.’

One of the terrorists received a phone call. I answered.

The man on the other end asked who I was. I replied, ‘I’m called Nasreen, I’m an Arab, you have nothing to be afraid of, I’m hiding the guys. I have a secret apartment.’

He told me: ‘You’re a good woman. Inshallah [if Allah wills it], tonight we will conquer Israel.’

Even in my worst dream, I never thought I’d have a conversation with a Hamas member, in my language, which I’m not ashamed of, and that I’d manage to save a lot of people and stop all of those monsters.

If I hadn’t gone out and asked questions and spoken, probably half our community, or most of them, wouldn’t be around anymore.

Click here for the full article.


Iran’s Nucleus of Terror: Strike on U.S. Base Kills Three Americans

Iran-backed Iraqi terrorists hit an American military base in Jordan, near Syria, killing three army engineers. The destructive drone strike was a serious escalation by Iran in its attempt to draw America into war. Iran also supports Yemen’s Houthis, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas terrorists.

The attack – that also injured dozens of Americans – follows an increasing number of assaults by Iran-backed terrorists against U.S. bases and military personnel in the Middle East, and the Houthis on ships in the Persian Gulf. Iran and Hezbollah killed 241 American soldiers in the 1983 barracks bombings and 23 people in the 1984 U.S. embassy bombing, both in Beirut. Iran provides millions of dollars in funding to Hamas.

President Biden responded: “We will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing.” Senate Republicans are calling for strikes on Iran. Sen. Tom Cotton advocated for “devastating military retaliation against Iran’s terrorist forces, both in Iran and across the Middle East.”

Stories Impacting American Jews

Stories Impacting the U.S. and Israel


Just like Fauda: Israeli intelligence learned about Hamas terrorists planning imminent Oct. 7 copycat attacks. Commandos dressed as doctors and nurses neutralized three armed terrorists hiding inside Ibn Sina hospital in Jenin, West Bank.

The Israeli hockey team celebrates its gold-medal performance at the Under-20 Ice Hockey World Championship Division III, Group A event in Bulgaria. Israel was originally banned from competing because of “safety” reasons.



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