Perverse Hamas Priorities: Build Tunnels, Deny Rapes, Spread Conspiracy Theories


Billions of dollars of humanitarian aid have poured into Gaza since Israel withdrew from the territory in 2005. Massive amounts of the money have been used by Hamas to build a vast tunnel network, manufacture rockets and incite Palestinians to hate Jews and Israelis. Gaza could have used those funds to create a thriving economy with modern buildings and state-of-the art hospitals and schools. Instead, Hamas terrorists used international donations to launch the 10/7 attacks against Israel and intentionally place all citizens of Gaza in harm’s way, rather than protect them. In the past three months, Hamas leaders continue to target Israelis, deny the atrocities they committed and spread conspiracy theories.

Hamas is being portrayed by its supporters as waging a legitimate and legal resistance campaign against Zionists – often used as a code word for Jews. Hamas terrorists are using strategic propaganda to masquerade as “freedom fighters” seeking to kill Jews and destroy Israel. Hamas supporters, who seem to be growing exponentially in America, deliberately deny facts, distort news and fabricate evidence.

Conspiracy Theories and Denial Tap Into Age-Old Hatred

Denial of the 10/7 Hamas atrocities shares similarities with Holocaust denial and other anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Hamas recently released Our Narrative, a propaganda document that defends their terrorist attacks and falsifies reality. Some of its outrageous lies include:

  • “Avoiding harm to civilians, especially children, women and elderly people is a religious and moral commitment by all Hamas fighters. Hamas is committed to avoiding harm to civilians.”
  • “Hamas dealt in a positive and kind manner with all civilians who have been held in Gaza.”
  • “The suggestion that the Palestinian fighters committed rape against Israeli women was fully denied, including by Hamas.”

The most egregious hatred in the current war: flat-out denial of the 10/7 attacks, especially the rape of Israeli girls and women. The use of GoPro videos and smartphone cameras by Hamas terrorists led The Washington Post to classify the attack as one of “the most well-documented in history.” The 10/7 denials are spreading as Jews prepare to observe the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on Jan. 27.

A similar false reality was claimed by the Palestinian Authority. An Israeli first responder on 10/7 reported seeing a pregnant Israeli woman dead with her belly cut open. Yet, a PA government newspaper recently published a grotesque claim that Jewish rabbinic law allows Jews to “cut open the stomachs of pregnant women to kill the fetuses.”

Now, 10/7 deniers are leveraging lies to attack Israelis and American Jews. There are false reports that Israelis knew about the Hamas assault in advance – similar to conspiracy theories about 9/11 – but allowed it to happen, or even that Israelis carried out a false flag operation, so that Israel could attack Gaza. At an Oakland City Council meeting, a city employee, Christina Gutierrez, argued that “Israel murdered their own people on Oct. 7.” Also, the disinformation of Israel kidnapping its own citizens is used as a justification for tearing down posters of hostages.

There are several anti-Jewish conspiracy theories being spewed on social media that are repackaged versions of centuries-old antisemitic tropes. A British political cartoonist recently shared an illustration tapping into the blood libel, organ harvesting and control theories. Israel’s prime minister is shown eating the remains of Palestinian children with the American president and British prime minister serving him; the cartoon is titled, “Kosher.” When the cartoonist was called out for his anti-Jewish bigotry, he defended himself by absurdly stating that Israel’s prime minister isn’t Jewish.

Arabic Propaganda

Wikipedia’s Arabic language site reads like it was written by Hamas. It whitewashes terrorist organizations as “resistance factions” that launched a “military operation.” The site refers to Israeli border communities, cities in central Israel and even Jerusalem as settlements. Reports of rape are dismissed: “Israeli propaganda tried to promote allegations that Hamas fighters raped Israeli women shortly after their invasion of the settlements, without providing evidence to support these allegations, which were quickly denied.” Body camera footage from Hamas terrorists provide proof of the rapes and murders.

The current Wikipedia Arabic logo incorporates the Palestinian flag. Showing further bias, a banner appears at the top of every page declaring solidarity with the Palestinians. The Hebrew Wikipedia page does not include the Israeli flag nor provide support for Israelis.

The Arabic Wikipedia page for the Hamas war against Israel shows the extent of propaganda being spread on behalf of Hamas. The terror attack is called a “resistance” operation against “occupied Israeli settlements.” An Israeli town is referred to as a “military site” and all of the hostages are considered “soldiers.” (Screenshot Arabic Wikipedia, translated from Arabic)

Hamas Has the Fourth Longest ‘Subway’ System – an Underground Terror Tunnel Network

International news organizations revealed an extensive and sophisticated Hamas labyrinth beneath Gaza. The tunnels are estimated to be between 350 and 450 miles in length, with 5,700 shafts. The London Underground and NY subway systems are about 250 miles, each. The Hamas terrorist tunnel network is essentially an underground city. It is large enough to drive cars through it. The tunnels, equipped with electrical and plumbing systems, have command centers, bedrooms, bathrooms and elevators. The Israeli military recently found a tunnel where more than 20 hostages were held, including drawings by released five-year-old hostage Emilia Aloni. The estimated cost to build the tunnels is more than one billion dollars.

The Hamas tunnel labyrinth is longer than the London Underground and NY City Subway systems. The United Nations claims that it was unaware of its existence even though it was provided with evidence of tunnels under UN facilities.

Billions of dollars in foreign aid have flowed directly to the Hamas terror network – especially from Iran. Hamas also operates its own illicit businesses and collects millions every month in taxes. Other funding sources for Gaza include billion-dollar investments: direct assistance from countries to build civilian infrastructure; and a United Nations agency dedicated solely to aiding Palestinians refugees and their descendants. Despite its large presence in Gaza and being presented with evidence of tunnels under its facilities, the UN claimed that it was unaware that there were any tunnels.


1. #1 Hamas goal: Genocide of the Jews

Hamas leader Khaled Mashal – a multi-billionaire living in Qatar – recently made clear once again that the goal of Hamas is to eliminate the Jewish state:

  • “We reject the two-state solution because it requires recognizing the Zionist entity. Israel is my enemy.”
  • “The position of Hamas is for Palestine from the River to the Sea. This is a slogan chanted by the public and students in America and European capital cities.”
  • “I believe that Oct. 7 enhanced our conviction to turn the idea of liberating Palestine from the River to the Sea into a realistic idea that has already begun.”
  • Another Hamas political leader previously stated that “Israel is a catastrophe to the Arab and Islamic nation” and that Hamas will repeat the 10/7 attacks because “everything we do is justified.”

2. Denialism is another tool that antisemites use to spread hate

Holocaust denial is a form of denialism that seeks to distort or deny the historical reality of the Holocaust. These lies not only disrespect the memory of victims but also contribute to the perpetuation of harmful anti-Jewish stereotypes and prejudices. Now we are witnessing increased denialism related to Oct. 7. Jews are being demonized and attacked around the world. Education, awareness and open dialogue must be used to counter the volcano of misinformation.

3. Israel continues to be victimized by double standards

Despite widespread survivor testimonies and Hamas-filmed videos of its attacks, Israeli reports of rape and mutilation are subjected to skepticism and doubts not wielded against other countries. Journalists and activists are quick to believe Hamas reports, such as the hospital bombing hoax that was caused by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket that fell short in Gaza. Israel was immediately blamed for causing hundreds of deaths without any proof. Yet, when Israelis present evidence of atrocities, the international media, UN and charities challenge the accuracy of the hard evidence.

4. Hamas supporters don’t care about improving the lives of Palestinians

Hamas supporters in America deny, deceive and distort facts because they care more about destroying the Jewish state than the truth. They routinely advance the Hamas narrative that Israelis and Jews are evil and must be defeated ‘by any means necessary.’ Chants for violence, ‘globalize the intifada,’ and calls for Israel’s destruction, ‘from the river to the sea,’ are commonly heard at supposedly pro-Palestinian rallies spreading across the country. They do not advocate for Hamas to spend its funds on building infrastructure to develop the economy and create jobs. They do not demand that Hamas separates its fighters from civilians. Their sole focus is on winning the war against Israel.

5. Hamas built tunnels instead of towers

As The New York Times columnist Tom Friedman recently noted, the UAE built up and Hamas built down: Dubai is known for its architecturally stunning high-rises and Hamas for its terror tunnels. Hamas intentionally chose to “use more than 6,000 tons of concrete and 1,800 tons of metal” to build its tunnels, preferring to fight Israel over caring for its citizens. The NYT referred to the Hamas underground as a “subterranean fortress” that includes a tunnel “three football fields long hidden beneath a hospital and a spiral staircase under the house of a senior Hamas commander leading to a tunnel seven stories deep.” Imagine what Gaza would look like today if Hamas used its billions of dollars of international aid to build rather than destroy.


A. Use well-documented resources that provide proof of Hamas atrocities

There were websites created as repositories to document in painstaking detail the 10/7 attacks. A number of well-known news organizations also have conducted their own investigations confirming the veracity of Israeli accounts of rape and other inexcusable crimes:

Fact-based websites

Recent news reports

B. Help educate others about key terms and concepts in this war

Every conversation is an opportunity to educate and inform. The more individuals know and understand, the less inclined they will be to follow false and biased narratives. Take active steps to educate your friends and family about the Hamas war against Israel, including using these talking points. Share relevant news articles, videos and Middle East history to help provide a comprehensive understanding of the war’s complexities. Engage in open and respectful discussions, emphasizing the nuances of the situation and encouraging critical thinking.


‘Saddest birthday in the world’

Israeli Kfir Bibas ‘celebrated’ his first birthday in Hamas captivity. The red-headed toddler was abducted with his brother and mother on Oct. 7. Hundreds of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv to mark his first birthday. Relatives and freed hostages gathered at Kibbutz Nir Oz, the community where the family was abducted: “We’re marking a birthday for a kid who’s not here. We make him a cake, we put balloons, pictures, and blessings and everything and he’s not here. It’s crazy.”

U.S. Senate and House leaders hosted family members of the hostages to mark 100 days of their captivity. The bipartisan group of legislators held a candlelight vigil on the steps of the Capitol. House Speaker Mike Johnson: “Congress is united in its opposition to Jewish hatred, and in support for our friend and ally Israel. This attack, the worst of its kind since the Holocaust, came about because of anti-Jewish hatred, and it is our duty to call out this evil.”

Relatives of Kfir Bibas hold a somber celebration on Jan. 16, 2024, at Kibbutz Nir Oz ahead of his first birthday on Jan. 18. Kfir is the youngest hostage in Gaza. (Courtesy of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum)

Stories Impacting American Jews

Stories Impacting the U.S. and Israel


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