Torah for this Hour | November 16, 2023

This is Our God, “Ein Od”, “There is Nothing Else.”

We pray these words in the “Aleinu” prayer in which we declare our loyalty to “Ein Od.” “Efes Zulato- There is nothing but.” We are part of the Holy One, and as a part of God, we must always promote the Truth and repair the world through the majesty of the Mighty One. The  service of God is working toward making the world better for all of God’s creatures.

“They worship emptiness.” For years, I did not understand this line, taken out of the Ashkenazi liturgy but still present in the Sephardi
liturgy. Non-Jews from a variety of other religions also strive to make this world a better place, as their religions call for. Even if they have other names for “Ein Od.”

But on October 7, the world was exposed to those who worship emptiness. Those that promote violence and death. Those that deny
the Divinity in every human. Today, we know who they are. They descecrate the Holy. We must continue to sanctify life, to sanctify the
value of humanity, to sanctify the Sovereign, Melech Malchei Ha’mlachim.