Special “Israel at War” Briefing: The rise in antisemitism and impact on our worldwide Masorti/Conservative communities

Since October 7, our communities have been glued to media outlets, trying to understand what is happening in Israel and how they could help. When the IDF started attacking the Gaza Strip, there was a shift in public opinion, and the number of antisemitic incidents increased dramatically.

Hear more about the impact on our communities from:

  • Shuly Rubin Schwartz, JTS Chancellor (New York, USA)
  • Rabbi Fabián Skornik (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg (London, UK)
  • Rabbi Gesa Ederberg (Berlin, Germany)

→ Facilitated by Dr. Yizhar Hess, WZO Vice Chairman

This presentation was streamed live on Monday, November 27: