World Zionist Organization Opens Aid Hotline

Dear friends,

At the peak of our holiday festivities, the State of Israel awoke to an unprecedented attack against its citizens.

Rockets were fired in all directions, our sovereign territory was invaded, entire families were wiped out in their homes, children were severely harmed, and civilians and families were abducted and taken to Gaza, the city of hate.

The harrowing images we’ve been exposed to in recent days are just a small sample of the heinous acts committed our enemies perpetrate against our people, fueled by brutality and virulent antisemitism.

The element of surprise, the number of victims murdered, wounded, abducted or unaccounted for, and the modus operandi remind us of the dark chapters of our people’s long history.

We all have friends or relatives affected by this war, which was imposed on us. The number of those murdered every day, and the number of people who are unaccounted for, are gradually unveiling the tough reality we’ve come up against.

No sovereign country anywhere in the world would quietly accept an incursion in its territory, the murder of its civilians, the launching of rockets, and the shutdown of life nationwide.

We, the entire Jewish nation, now stand together as a solid, fortified wall against those seeking our destruction. Together, we pray and support security forces with their difficult task of delivering a crushing blow to our enemies and restoring our country’s security, power, freedom, and serenity. We need your support and prayers to boost our morale at these challenging and trying times.

Many of you, Israeli citizens, and members of Jewish communities throughout the world, have many questions about matters tied to the war, and are looking for ways to pitch in and support us at this time.

In light of the many offers of aid, the World Zionist Organization is opening a hotline, which will become operational starting today, to handle the many offers of support and volunteer service and send them to Israeli soldiers and to citizens who were evacuated from their homes.

The following are contact details for the WZO’s hotline:

Phone number: +972-2-6204333
E-mail address:

Faithful of the Rock of Israel, the immortality of the Jewish people, our common destiny, and our unity, we are confident in our victory and thank you for stepping up to the plate and standing by our side at this time.

We are one people!

“The glory of Israel does not decide or change His mind.”

Together, we shall prevail.

Yaakov Hagoel
Chairman, World Zionist Organization