Special Briefing with Major General (res) Noam Tibon

Better understand the current situation in Israel and the IDF’s next steps based on the analysis of Major Tibon, who spent his military career specializing in counterterrorism and internal security.

In the surprise attack on Israel which took place on October 7, Hamas terrorists penetrated Kibbutz Nahal Oz, where his son Amir Tibon and family live. The retired IDF major joined the force of the Maglan unit, and together with them fought to clean the kibbutz of terrorists and rescued his son and granddaughters.

Below is a recording of the Special Emergency Leadership Briefing that was presented by Masorti Olami on Mercaz Olami on Monday, October 9, 2023:

In addition, we share with you the Prayer for the State of Israel put out by the Masorti Movement in Israel and the Rabbinical Assembly in Israel in English, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, and Ukrainian, which are available for download here.

In the next few days, we will share more information on how you can help and donate, various briefings and events that the worldwide Masorti/Conservative movement is organizing, and other relevant information.

On Thursday, October 12, at 8 pm Israel time, we are holding a global prayer service for the State of Israel together with our global partners. All details and registration can be found here. You are invited to join.