Conservative Movement Declares Solidarity Shabbat (October 26-29)

Our hearts are broken but our faith is unwavering; in these difficult days we are mourning the deaths of over 1,400 of our Israeli family and many international citizens from the horrific terrorist attacks on Israelis and global citizens on October 7th; we are advocating and praying for the over 200 kidnapped Israelis being held unlawfully by Hamas.

Come together to mark the 3rd Shabbat since the attacks of October 7th, united in our unwavering support of Israel. Connect with one another, across our local communities and the global Conservative/Masorti Movement, with song, learning, prayer, and events in person and online.

Join all of the Conservative/Masorti movement October 26-29 for #SolidarityShabbat as #MasortiStandsWithIsrael.

We must express our unwavering support of Israel.

Join us, in synagogue and at home, for:

  • Virtual Blue and White Challah bake at home or at synagogue
  • Inspiring synagogue services with supplemental prayers and insightful D’varim Torah
  • Important lessons for all ages in our synagogue schools and our adult education
  • Light up the night with at-home Havdallah appreciating our woven shared Jewish pride and destiny

Be ready for a Conservative/Masorti USY and RAMAH social media challenge to #BringThemHome.

#Shabbat has never been better #Together.

Print out this flier for your communities before Shabbat today!

Join Us for the Solidarity Shabbat

Print the Solidarity Shabbat Flyer