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MERCAZ USA is the American Zionist organization of the Conservative Movement. As such, MERCAZ is the only Zionist organization in America concerned with the future of Conservative/Masorti Judaism in Israel.

Conservative/Masorti institutions in Israel do not get government funding like Orthodox institutions do. The only opportunity for our Movement to receive funds is through the World Zionist Organization where our delegates whose numbers are determined by the size of our membership, have a voice in the funding and decision-making process.

If you are a Conservative Jew, you can no longer ignore the critical need for religious pluralism in Israel and our Movement’s approach to religious Zionism. Thousands of new olim (immigrants) as well as veteran Israelis, deserve to be exposed to a meaningful, traditional, non-coercive approach to Jewish life style as an alternative to the extremism and fanaticism which have caused so many Israelis to consider themselves “secular” Jews. Israel needs Conservative/Masorti Judaism to enhance the quality of Jewish life in our homeland.

Please join MERCAZ today, and support our efforts to:

  • Ensure religious pluralism in Israel and full recognition of our rabbis, synagogues, mohalim, institutions and programs.
  • Encourage electoral reform so that extremist minority parties will no longer wield undue power.
  • Determine an equitable distribution of World Zionist Organization/Jewish Agency funding for the Conservative/Masorti Movement, around the world.
  • Promote civil rights including Conservative/Masorti representation on religious councils and full equality for women.
  • Support Aliyah and Hebrew language studies.
  • Oppose any change in ‘Who is a Jew’ and ‘Law of Return’.