Adding An Important Ingredient for MERCAZ’s Success: Salsa

It may not be sexy. Most likely, it will not be the topic of conversation on a Zoom call before your meeting is called to order. In fact, the impact this development will have on your day to day life will probably be zero. However, MERCAZ USA is in the process of making major upgrades to its digital infrastructure: Our objective is to effectively connect with and engage more individuals and synagogues, more widely disseminate educational materials to educators, youth directors, and camp staff, and involve greater numbers of people in initiatives such as MERCAZ READS ISRAEL to promote our mission and prepare ourselves for the next World Zionist Congress election campaign in 2025.

This winter, we are streamlining multiple database systems into one complete CRM system – Salsa. Salsa will allow us to consolidate all our contact lists and make those lists easier to update and maintain. Further, we will be able to send emails and post to social media directly from Salsa (and track analytics). Donations and event registrations will also be handled through this system. In the long term, this will make our operations more efficient and effect long-term cost savings.

We are very excited by this transformation in our communication and tracking capabilities and will share more information with you as the migration process moves forward!