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"Celebrating the Zionist Dream" Educational Package

In order to insure widespread celebration of Yom HaAtzmaut, MERCAZ has published the educational program "Celebrating the Zionist Dream". The package comprises an activity kit for the entire synagogue and a 40-page book of essays suitable for adult education.

Heading the activity kit is an essay by Dr. David Golinkin, President of the Schechter Institute, entitled "Moses and Herzl". In the essay, which can be easily adapted for a synagogue sermon or Dvar Torah, Golinkin points out a series of comparisons between Herzl and Moses.

Also included in the kit are seven other individual pamphlets with program suggestions for every arm of the synagogue, such as a full dramatic presentation for the congregation, "If You Will It", a dramatization of Zionist issues.

The book of essays, edited by Rabbi Shlomo Balter and David Szonyi presents a symposium on the challenges facing Zionism and the Conservative Movement in the 21st century. The essayists include Chancellor Ismar Schorsch, Dr. David Lieber, Rabbi Michael Graetz, Ms. Francine Klagsbrun and other noted Conservative Movement thinkers from the United States and Israel. At the end of each essay is a series of discussion questions, which make the volume "user-friendly" for both adult education and Hebrew High School courses. Also included is a ten-page overview on the history of Zionism and an annotated bibliography, as well as excerpts from Emet Ve-Emunah on Israel and Zionism.

"Celebrating the Zionist Dream" is available for purchase from MERCAZ USA at 212-533-2061, or email us at


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