Summer 2012

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MERCAZ USA Newsletter — Summer 2012

MERCAZ Congratulates New Kadima Leader

Following his election as the new head of the Kadima Party, MERCAZ Olami, the world Zionist representative of Conservative/Masorti Judaism and Kadima’s partner in the "United Faction" within the World Zionist Organization, sent a letter of congratulations to MK Shaul Mofaz.

"We wish you success in your future endeavors and strengthen your hand in all that has to do with making the State of Israel an exemplary state – a state that is Jewish, democratic, Zionist and secure, that honors all of her inhabitants."

"The connection and closeness between our world movement and Kadima and our efforts to advance our mutual and common agenda, especially regarding the efforts to bring equality to all steams of Judaism, are not new and we look forward to continued cooperation in the field of social issues in Israel and in the activities of the National Institutions [WZO and Jewish Agency] – where our relationship is so close."

Mofaz, who before his entry into national politics was the 16th Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, was born in Tehran and immigrated to Israel with his parents in 1957. Upon graduating from high school, he joined the IDF and served in the Paratroopers Brigade in the Six-Day War of 1967, Yom Kippur War of 1973, Operation Entebbe in 1976 and the First Lebanon War in 1982.

Following his retirement from the IDF a decade ago, Mofaz was elected to the Knesset and has held a number of government portfolios including Minister of Defense, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transportation. In late 2005, he acceded to then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s request to move from the Likud Party to the new Kadima Party. After Ehud Olmert’s resignation in 2008 as head of Kadima, Mofaz ran unsuccessfully for the party’s leadership and served as the party’s second-in-command until the recent vote when he defeated MK Tzipi Livni.


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